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Terms & Condition

  • The candidate can avail & make use of detail of other members only after making the full payment of the necessary fees of Shahandjadeja marriage bureau.
  • The candidate registering with shahandjadeja marriage bureau must provide complete and true information about his/her bio data.
  • If any false information is provided by any candidate Shahandjadeja marriage bureau will not responsible for any consequences arising out of it and the membership of the candidate will stand terminated without any refund of the fees paid.
  • Our marriage bureau tries best level to find out and match a suitable life-partner for candidates but the bureau does not stand any kind of guarantee for any individual.
  • Once your engagement is done irrespective of the fact that if it done through our marriage bureau or otherwise the candidates name will be automatically removed from our list.
  • It will be the responsibility of the users to delete his/her profile.
  • Shahandjadeja marriage bureau reserved all the rights pertaining to our business policies.
  • A divorce/widow/widower would not be allowed to view the details of unmarried candidates of shahandjadeja marriage bureau.
  • Shahandjadeja marriage bureau reserved the rights to use the photographs of its users for the purpose of advertisement any place without acknowledging the user. The user has no right to object in this case.
  • The inappropriate selection of match by own decision shahandjadeja marriage bureau will not be in anyway responsible for it.
  • Shahandjadeja marriage bureau will not be responsible for any problems occurring after marriage.
  • Shahandjadeja marriage bureau reserved the right to amend its terms and condition applicable to all the users including the existing ones.
  • Membership charges of our bureau are not refundable under any circumstance.
  • Shahandjadeja is an online marriage bureau it is possible that any of its user may have created fake profile.